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Joshua Daniher There's work being done on barcodes as well as blockchain technologies to help with authentication, but it's a never ending game: one side acts, the other reacts, then the other reacts to that etc etc ad nauseum. When you have retail pairs going for $200-300 for a production run of ~800-5,000, but the demand for the sneakers is tens of thousands (or as with the ultraboost initially, where adidas massively underestimated the demand for the line in 2015 and because the materials and production techniques were so different to the norm, it was very hard to get a pair for the first 2 years and resale prices were also pretty nutty), then StockX prices run into the high hundreds and in a few cases a few thousand...and suddenly these guys in China (who really don't make that much margin per sneaker) suddenly see the chance to rake in some solid cash with very little overall risk...the temptation is pretty clear. One of thing I should mention was that back in 2017, there was one new Quality Control manager at a major factory near Putian (where else?) who thought he would make an impression by setting ridiculously high standards for a batch of AF1s: one tiny stitch not perfectly symmetrical and even, the entire shoe was chucked: the yield rate (percentage accepted as defect free) dropped to below 15%. Almost 600 pairs went into a reject pile before he got a talking to. But those shoes were not accepted back as OK...and they weren't junked. Have heard a few stories about what happened, but the most credible one was that the QC guy got rid of them via unofficial channels and gave all the money back to the factory to keep his job. These sneakers are not fake, but they are "unauthorized": jordansportsoutlet.com/ a handful may have defects that would normally not pass QC, but the majority are well within production tolerances. Another grey area... I'm watching here the backing, and forthing of chatter whether to church, or not to be, alive maybe.

Other, asks: how will they sing behind izafonyo (as if they don't continue indulging befonyoza) or masks?


I think, if they will not sing. But hum. I want in. I'm already a fan of Kid Cudi's hums.

Which brings me to Leon Bridge and his song, River. Quickly a new favourite and thanks to Philani Tys Nombika, the master of sharp, short, poems to your heart.


As if borrowing from the Humming book by Dr. Kim, River by Leon starts for a good minutes plus, on a loose hum here and there.

Like a good hum, he undoes our walls that make up body/umzi-mba (complete-house) and it's walls. To create sense of oneness as abantu (spirit)


Like a good hum, that says you said nothing but I hear you. I relate to you. I have heard those unspoken words you hum.

As a result, creating a sound-wall, one whole body when we all hum together, in intimacy, honesty.

In the absence of clumsy words.


There is a part here Mazwi Shazi, where he sings, 'surrender to your good tboughts' but my favourite being, 'take me to your river' beautifully backed also.


I love how they meet in the blog at the open space, in white rain coats. Because person next to preacher with mic, sprays them with waters from hosepipe during the sermon.

If the new normals mean attending churches, is being taken to the rivers. Where we hum, undoing our walls silently and yet so loud.


I wanna go/ I wanna know/

If being taken to the river, means churches, where we are showered with im'vula (opener), then take me to your river' lord, I wanna go/ #Facebookstories. - Rodney Ka Roskruge Mbunjuthwa (Facebook). Okay I'm going to be honest I embellished on my credit card applications before because I know that having a higher available credit but not using all of it is easier than having a really low available credit and maxing it out. It helps me build my credit score quite a bit so I don't regret it but if you're going to buy one of these seminars with your credit cards then you probably should not be getting a credit card and look for a job instead.


Even if I went bankrupt today I still wouldn't be prosecuted for anything that happened back then. The key to the defense in this case would be that sometimes you don't know what you're going to make that year depending on what you're doing oh, so in my case I was doing eBay and I was also getting Social Security so I didn't know how much I was going to make and so you're allowed to estimate what you think you'll make. I was about $40,000 short but that's because I decided to be lazy halfway through the year

Also, about the Amazon FBA thanks, you can make money on it but I personally would not do it. If you're going to use Amazon, realized it Jeff is taking plenty of your money already and that it's better to sell your things yourself. you don't get charged a storage fee in your own home, it is 100% better to buy a storage shed instead of doing FBA. I don't sell a whole hell of a lot of anything anymore mainly because I lent a large portion of my money to one of my roommates and he's only been paying me small amounts every month and he's basically a year late but that's besides the point. if you sell things yourself you can make a lot of money if you let Jeff sell your stuff you're not making any money. Don't let them rob you, sell your own shit. I just saw the book for $60 that I bought for $0.25 and Jeff took about $6 and that's more than enough for me.

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